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Building A House: The Adventures of Shaye and Tom

Get a tiny house built by us!

DIY House Builders: Shaye and Tom


KIA Ora (Hello!) we're Shaye and Tom - Awesome buddies embarking on the amazing adventure of building a house ourselves. In fact, we love DIY so much that we're not just building one house - we're building a few, and then a few more! So far we've built a small cob cottage, a tiny house on wheels and we're in the process of planning and building a beautiful strawbale house. Shaye has also started designing and managing the construction of Custom Tiny Homes, based on all the experience gained over the years of DIY and design obsession! We learn whatever we need to know from youtube, reading books and going on short courses... We aren't qualified builders - but call in help when we need it and we both have everything we need in a good brain and a capable body.

This is just the beginning of an awesome adventure ;)


Empowering Others Through Our Journey Of Building A House

The aim of this website is to empower others to build their own homes. We want to show people that if we can do it - anybody can.

Being young people in our early 30's, we get that it's expensive to own a home these days. What's worse is that todays houses are not only expensive - but the quality is crappy. Many house components only have to last 5 years, which means that even if you buy a brand spanking new house, before long you'll likely be forking out money for repairs and maintenance!

Throw into the mix that houses are often built out of chemical laden products - your house is not only bad for your pocket, but your body aswell.

We want to prove that there are alternatives! You don't need to be a slave to the bank for your entire life. You don't need to grit your teeth through a crappy 9-5 job to pay off a mortgage on a house that is unhealthy to be in and poorly constructed...

You can work less and live more... And a large part of that begins with building a house yourself or living in an alternative home (such as a tiny house).


Beautiful, Natural, Healthy Buildings - that are good for you, the environment and your pocket!

As you browse through the articles on our website, you'll notice that the houses we're passionate about are a little different. The words used to describe them wouldn't be normal, regular, or conventional...

The words used to describe them would be more like... Unique, sustainable, beautiful, natural and intriguing.

We're talking about strawbale houses, cob houses, adobe houses, rammed earth homes, earthship homes, tiny trailer houses and all things that are long lasting, beautiful and tread gently on this magnificent planet of ours.

We hope you enjoy exploring our website and that our adventures and projects inspire you to begin your own DIY Eco home adventure!


Our Current Project's

Below are some of the fun project we're working on at the moment... I hope you love them as much as we do!


"Henry" The Cob Cottage

cob cottage

To read the articles on Henry and to follow his progress, click here.


"Lucy" The Tiny House

tiny house

To read the articles on Lucy and to follow her progress, click here.


Our Strawbale Home

strawbale house design

To read the articles on our strawbale house and to follow it's progress, click here.


Doris Jean - A Custom Tiny House Designed and Built For a Client

tiny house interior

To see more photos of this Tiny House and/or to buy the full set of plans, click here