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Our Beautiful Cob Building "Henry"

cob cottage

Henry was our second ever cob building project (after our Cob Oven). We started Henry in August 2012 and have been working on him when we get the chance ever since - it is now September 2013 and he is nearly complete. All in all the entire build has cost less than $2000 and would have taken us about 6 weeks if you take out the long breaks between cobbing weekends. Yes, COB is time consuming - but my word, is it beautiful. If you take the time to build yourself a cob cottage, a cob house, a cob studio - whatever it is you need - when it is done, I am almost certain you will be so glad you built with cob.

Cob is beautiful! Cob is healthy! Cob is long lasting!

I love Cob - can you tell?


Here are the archives of our precious little cob building - Henry!