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Installing Windows Into Our Cob Cottage

Installing windows and doors into a cob building really is pretty easy. Even without Tom, I would have managed to do it by myself, just fine.

This will not be a long post, because it really is that simple to explain it...


1) Build the cob up to the level that you want your window to start. Our windows started at about 1000mm off the ground, so we had to do a bit of cobbing before we were ready to install the windows.

2) Make sure your windows are in a good condition. Do whatever work needs done on them. Our windows looks pretty awful - but with a good sanding and a paint, they turned up just stunning!

One of our windows before we gave it a bit of love...

restoring windows



3) Hammer nails and "T's" onto your window doors and frames. This will anchor your window/door into the cob. I think the "T's" are actually called Deadmen, but I'm not 100% sure of the correct terminology.

Here's what ours looked like...

restoring windows

cob cottage windows and doors


4) Get your cob to the correct level, ours was 1000mm above the ground

...and place your window on it!

**Please note, we nailed our nails in and "T's" on as we went with our windows, so you can't see them in the pictures below. We discovered that it's easier to do it before hand, so we would suggest you do that. Learn from our mistakes ;)


cob cottage window installation


5) Make sure your window is level. Yes, it is a quirky cob house - but not that quirky!...

cob building window


5b) Pose for a photo before continuing...

cob window


6) Continue building your cob up in layers - each layer going all the way around the building before starting on the next layer. Don't be tempted to just build the cob up around the windows - it makes it tricker and weaker in the long run.


And that's it! Installing a window into a cob wall. It really is that easy. Just another reason why I am so in love with cob building!


Next up in our cobbing adventure - Ohhh man this is cool.... BUILT IN WINDOWS!!!