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Bottle Windows in a Cob Building

Bottle windows are often free - and they can look beautiful. Our ones are a little "U.F.O like" - but even still, they have a wonderful character to them. If I were to do them again, I might re-think the pattern a little more rather than just doing them in a straight line... but we were so excited we just couldn't help ourselves!!

Bottle windows are also SO easy to install into a cob wall. You practically shove them in the cob and build up around them. It really is that simple! I would LOVE to find some big bottles and make a few bottle windows of a bigger size - that would be super cool.

bottle windows in cob


Since Henry was an experimental building - we wanted to try all sorts on him... And so we went super weird (or super cool, depending on who you ask) and did a crystal necklace, within a bottle, built into the wall (picture below). It's pretty cool, but would be even better if we used a real crystal and not an old necklace my mom was throwing away ;)

bottle windows in cob


In the photo below you can see we made use of a round wine bottle, with the neck pushed into the cob. It's going to be a mini circular bottle window. We also made use of a big round wineglass which had a broken stem - that's the little guy on the left. What you can't really see in this photo is that the little guy on the left has a clay heart standing within it... Super cheesy - but awesome too... why not?

bottle window cob


Oh and while we were doing the bottle windows we also started on a built in shelf... A little off topic on this page, but I think it's coming along so nicely so wanted to share...

cob shelf


To see the next phase of Henry, check out "Finishing the Cobbing".