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Cob Walls Finished! "Henry" is looking B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l!!

It was an exciting day when we put the last bit of cob onto the walls of Henry... Our fingers were freezing cold and we gave each other an excited (but tired) high 5! Now was time to wait for the little guy to dry. It was the beginning of winter, so we had no idea how long this would be. Winter in a rain-forest is not the ideal drying conditions for a cob house.

So we waited patiently... and we waited some more...

And eventually get got itchy feet from waiting and as we decided to make a start on the earthen floor, despite the top part of Henry's walls not being dry just yet.

Of course the cob that we had done in summer was dry as a bone - but the top part was still wet. It took months to dry and both Tom and I were amazed at the difference in drying time for cob in winter and summer. In summer the cob was dry enough to move onto the next layer after just a day or two. In winter it was more like a month or two. It took the last layer of cob (which we did in winter) about 3-4 months to feel completely dry. You can see in the photos below that the top layer of cob is a bit darker - a sign that it was still wet when these photos were taken...


cob cottage


cob building


We need to wash our windows - that face is not a permanent design element!

cob house

Jumping for joy (on our roof!) that the cob is finished! I think had it not been winter (cold, muddy and slippery) we would have been happy to continue cobbing... but considering the uncomfortable working conditions, we were stoked to have it done!


Moving onto our earthen floor...