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Lime Plastering On Our Cob Cottage

We were a little nervous to start our lime plastering as we weren't sure how it would turn out. We were particularly worried about the colour and were nervous of cracking. A few weeks after we plastered the back part of Henry with lime - our fears were put to rest. No cracks and in my opinion a spectacular colour! The mix we used for the plaster was:

  • 1 bucket lime
  • 3 buckets sand
  • 100ml yogurt container of ocre pigment
  • 1/4 yogurt container of red pigment
  • water

We thought the colour might change as it dried - but it looked almost exactly the same as the wet version. It's a beautiful natural tone - which you can see from the photos below.


The photo below is in front of the plastering - the colour is most accurate in this photo. Taken by my sister after our wedding :D

cob plastering


Please excuse the terrible quality of these next two photos... I will get some good ones soon.

lime plastering on cob

lime plastering on cob


I'll update further on the earthen floor as we go along :)


Moving onto our wedding photos in Henry!!!