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Kia Ora (Hello) I'm Shaye...

Welcome to my website and my passion - creating beautiful and unique homes and teaching others how to do the same :)

I am a self confessed tiny house and alternative building nerd. Anything different and outside of the box - I'm right there - it gets me excited and smiling!

I'm that girl who's ears prick up at a party when I hear the words "tiny house", "DIY", "Earth building" and "Save Money"! My ears also prick up when I hear people talking about saving our beautiful planet, because that's another passion of mine!

I'm a pretty excitable human but I won't go into that here. If you'd like to know more about me as a person, my journey and background and what makes me tick, click here.

My and my precious baby girl, Hazel, in our tiny house!

Empowering others through my journey of DIY house building, natural building and my obsession with tiny homes...

The aim of this website is to empower others to build their own homes. I want to show people that if I can do it - anybody can.

Being a young single mum in my early 30's, I get that it's expensive to own a home these days. What's worse is that todays houses are not only expensive - but the quality is crappy. Many house components only have to last 5 years, which means that even if you buy a brand spanking new house, before long you'll likely be forking out money for repairs and maintenance!

Throw into the mix that houses are often built out of chemical laden products - your house is not only bad for your pocket, but your body aswell.

We want to prove that there are alternatives! You don't need to be a slave to the bank for your entire life. You don't need to grit your teeth through a crappy 9-5 job to pay off a mortgage on a big house that is unhealthy to be in and poorly constructed...

You can work less and live more... And a large part of that begins with building a house yourself or living in an alternative home (such as a tiny house). On this website I teach the DIY tips to alternative and tiny house design - however if DIY ain't your thing - we build tiny houses too. Check out Shaye's Tiny Homes to see more. Or visit me on instagram @shayes_tiny_homes - even just check it out for some seriously cool tiny house inspo!

Beautiful, Natural, Healthy Buildings - that are good for you, the environment and your pocket!

As you browse through the articles on my website, you'll notice that the houses I'm passionate about are a little different. The words used to describe them wouldn't be normal, regular, or conventional...

The words used to describe them would be more like... Unique, sustainable, beautiful, natural and intriguing.

We're talking about tiny houses, strawbale houses, cob houses, adobe houses, rammed earth homes, earthship homes and all things that are long lasting, beautiful and tread gently on this magnificent planet of ours.

We hope you enjoy exploring our website and that our adventures and projects inspire you to begin your own DIY tiny house building adventure!

To have a look at the tiny house design, how-to and DIY tips I have to date on this website, please checkout my blog - click here.