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It's Moving Day For Our Tiny House On Wheels

Our tiny house on wheels being towed
Our tiny house on wheels being towed

Below is a quick video of the moving day for Lucy, our tiny house on wheels. Hopefully it will give you some idea of what it feels like to move a tiny house. I'm warning you now, it's not easy on the nerves.

Seriously, if you ever want to check your heart is still working, just try moving your precious tiny house. That'll get it pumping for sure.

We were nervous mainly because Lucy looked so huge! She was 4.3m high and the "maximum height" of vehicles on the road is only 4.25m high. It's only a 50mm difference, but that can make the difference between smooth sailing and a tiny house on wheels tangled in some power lines.

Scary stuff!

We also weren't sure how officials would react to our enormous tiny house on the road. So just to avoid any trouble, we decided to take the back route to our section. We thought there would be less chance of being seen that way.

Boy were we wrong...

We never expected a police checkpoint on that road!

Funnily enough though, the police didn't bat an eyelid at the tiny house on wheels. Instead they pulled over the crazed looking folk driving behind Lucy for questioning. They wanted to know why...

  • I didn't have my drivers licence on me.
  • Our car was unwarranted.
  • We had a 4.25m bamboo measuring pole sticking out of our window. (See if you can spot it in the video)

After some seriously dodgy sounding explanations, the policeman gave us a fine and let us go.

And when we thought we couldn't look any more disorganized, we tried to drive off and our car wouldn't start!

The policeman just shook his head and laughed as our car rolled away to a jump start. I think he could see we had other things on our mind that morning.

After that little episode, we ended up missing the rest of the move. But I'm kinda grateful in a way so that I didn't have to wince every time the tiny house on wheels passed under a power line.

Enjoy the video!


P.S. We got a tow truck company to move our tiny house on wheels because of the difficulty finding a rental vehicle with a 3.5 tonne towing capacity. It cost us $180, which was well worth it in my opinion!