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rent to buy tiny houses

Rent-to-buy Tiny Houses for New Zealanders: A Risk Free Way to Tiny House Ownership

A tiny house is the perfect option for so many Kiwis... However because of CRAZY rent prices many Tiny House Enthusiasts are unable to save for their tiny homes. It was this problem that got me thinking about what other options there might be out there...

The rent-to-buy idea had been swirling in my mind for some time - but I was a tiny house designer/project manager - not somebody with a bank full of cash able to invest in this sort of thing. So I planned a meeting with a wealthy friend who likes to invest in ethical and Eco conscious businesses and it all started coming together...

We had the expertise - and now we had the investor too.

How Our Rent-to-Buy Plan is Win-Win-Win

Right from the start - when my mind was just beginning to play with the idea of rent-to-buy tiny houses, I knew one thing for sure: It has to be win-win-win. By this, I mean win for the tiny house client, win for the investor and win for us as the business owners. I was only interested in creating a business where all parties were coming out on top. In my mind, this is the only ethical way to do business.

It's for this reason that I approached the investor with the clients best interests in mind. Some of the terms we have agreed on which makes this a WIN for you are:

  • Flexible on the weekly rent-to-buy payments. You tell us what is affordable to YOU and we'll work out how long it'll take to re-pay you loan based on what you can afford
  • Pay back large quantities when/if you can. Unlike traditional mortgages - we're not going to penalise you if you can pay back a big chunk of your tiny house in one go.
  • Flexible on deposits. If you have a deposit - fantastic (it'll make the pay off time of your tiny house quicker!) but if you don't, it doesn't rules you out at all.
  • Insurance for your tiny house is included in your weekly rent-to-buy repayments. This protects both you as the client and the investor.

I often end up becoming good friends with my tiny house clients - and so it's important for me to deliver a beautiful product that creates nothing but happiness :)


Get An Idea of Our Quality From the Images Below

tiny house lucy

tiny house interior

tiny house kitchen

tiny house by the beach

tiny house interior doris jean

tiny house bathroom

tiny house with large kitchen

tiny house on trailer

tiny house on trailer


Get An Idea Of Costs Here...

The Tiny Houses that we build are top quality. They come completely finished with all cabinetry and every last detail in place. Depending on the design you could expect to pay between $100K - $115K. Some people think this is a great deal - other people are surprised at the cost. But without cutting any corners and doing a job to the highest quality, this is what we need to charge. So if this is a figure you're happy with to own your own little impeccable little home, please drop us a message on the form below :)

The interest rate is 12.5% and this cost includes insurance on your tiny house too. How much you are able to pay weekly and if you have a deposit or not will determine how long it takes to completely pay off your tiny house. Again, drop us a message on the form below and we can work out these specifics for you.


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