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Our Small Straw Bale House: How We Built This Gorgeous Home - And How You Can Too!

This summer we embarked on a journey to build a small straw bale house. It's teeny weeny - only 25 meters square (approx 270 square feet) and it's absolutely beautiful. There is a charm to natural buildings that you just can not beat. Although we adore our tiny trailer house, in my opinion, natural building takes the cake.

straw bale house

So you might be wondering why we need another house... We already have our tiny home which we've been living in happily for a year and a half now...

Well, I've always intended to have a large family and I know that living in a tiny house with 4 kids might be pushing it just a tad! We're going to be building our real-deal 4 bedroom straw bale house and our small straw bale house is a practice leading up to the larger straw bale house! This little straw bale cottage will then become a guest house for visitors to stay in. Legally, it's a 'shed' and so it can't have an attached bathroom - so we're having to get creative about a few things. You'll have to check out the archives below as we go to see what we come up with!

If you're planning on building your own straw bale house - large or small - please check out our articles below. We've made SO many mistakes on our little straw bale house which have slowed the progress BIG time - there's no need for you to make the same mistakes... learn from our errors!

Despite all the learning curves... we are getting there... and this adorable natural building is looking mesmerizing. It has gloriously curvy niches, thick and solid walls, a sculptured bird flying across the wall - and a charm that only natural buildings can create.

I hope you enjoy our journey in building this little straw bale home :)

Here are The Archives of Our Straw Bale Cottage

(Coming soon soon - we've working on the articles as you read this!)


  • Straw bale construction overview (The basic design of our small straw bale house)
  • Pouring the foundations for a straw bale house
  • Timber framing for a non load bearing straw bale house
  • Roofing and ceiling insulation go in
  • Bale Raising day - Oh shit - big learning curve here!
  • Take two at bale raising with new 'tweaks'
  • Clay slip goes on all the straw bale walls
  • Wiring our off grid straw bale house with 12 Volt DC electrics and solar panel
  • Installing windows and doors into a Straw bale House
  • Flashing details for windows and doors in a straw bale house
  • Overview of plastering Straw bale walls
  • Test Plasters for our earthen plastering
  • The earthing plastering book you must read before your project
  • Base coat of plaster goes onto straw bale walls (and... base coat of plaster falls off straw bale walls ****)
  • ... and it falls off the walls again
  • ... and sh*t it falls off AGAIN!
  • Finally... 3 things you MUST DO to avoid your plaster falling off your straw bale walls!
  • Creating beautiful niches and renderings on straw bale walls


straw bale house