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Discover How We Built Our Tiny Home Named Lucy

When we first started building our tiny house we did not expect to fall in love quite this deeply. Yes, we thought we'd like our little building on wheels - but we weren't expecting to love it!

The purpose of Lucy was to be our home while we saved for, designed and built our strawbale home. We moved into Lucy in December 2013 and we've been living happily in our little green home ever since. We love living in Lucy and so does our new addition - our little baby Hazel. The aim is to be in our strawbale house before we give her any brothers and sisters :)

When we first started building our tiny trailer house - most people were skeptical. But that quickly changed once they saw the finished product. Lucy feels spacious, comfortable and welcoming. We often get the response "Wow! I could live here!"

tiny house on wheels


Below are the archives showing the progression of our tiny trailer house "Lucy"



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