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Our Tiny House Floor Plan (We LOVE it!)

After looking around at floor plans on the Internet and playing around with our own ideas, we decided on a simple lounge, kitchen, bathroom and sleeping loft design. I was adamant though that I'd give myself a head injury going to the toilet via a ladder during the night... and so we opted for proper stairs (not a ladder), that will have plenty of storage beneath them.

You really can fit a lot into a tiny space. Our tiny house will be 7.2 meters long (23.6 feet) by 2.4 meters wide (7.87 feet). In this adorable little space we have:

  • A nice side "L" shape couch, which will be able to comfortably seat 5-6 people
  • Drawers beneath the couch
  • A staircase to get to the loft
  • Storage and wardrobes beneath the staircase
  • A full sized shower
  • A composting toilet system
  • A pantry
  • Plenty of storage in the kitchen
  • A full sized kitchen sink and gas stove
  • A spacious sleeping loft
  • And more!

Here are some images of what we have come up with...

tiny house floorplan

The south side of the tiny house will have only one small window (bathroom) - In the Southern Hemisphere (where were are in New Zealand) the south side of the house is the cold side with little sunshine. This will help us to conserve warmth in our house and reduce our power bills from small to tiny :)

Update 18th November 2014: If you've seen our tiny house framing plans or any of the pictures of our completed tiny house, you'll notice we removed the window above the stove. This was because we needed a solid wall behind the cooking area for a splashback and extractor fan. It worked out really well because it would have felt too open with a window in that position.

tiny house floorplan

As you can see by the picture below - the North side of the house is full of windows, this will let heaps of light in and will connect our tiny house to the outdoors, making it feel bigger. The kitchen sink also has a beautiful big window to look out of while we do our dishes. Bliss :)

tiny house layout

From this angle, you can see the staircase - it will not be as steep in the real tiny house and it will have storage beneath.


tiny house layout

To see these plans coming to life, check out our progress here.

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