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Tiny House Art Studio The Start

by Joan White
(Easley SC)

Hello I have been interested in tiny houses for about 6 years now. I have just started working on what will be my tiny ART STUDIO! I have been doing much driving back and fourth from my home in Easley to Laurens SC where my parents live taking care of them. I am a artist and most of my art was done in my small, sunroom studio, then my youngest son and his wife moved in with me to help them out, soon my little studio was over flowing with all my artwork and with the kids there I have not place to really study and do my art work, so just recently I have been given this little out building to make into a studio, It was loaded with junk and old furniture which I moved most all of it by myself and relocated it. then the clean up began. Nothing in the building but a sup floor and a loft. Many things are going to be done before I can create my first work of art in it. Flooring , Electric, insulation, walls, and more. I have purchased the lights, but will need to wire for lighting, I don't have a video but will submit still pictures as the work progresses. I have copd , which while installing insulation was a chore for me going outside often. I have come to a stand still for right now, as I thought I don't need to put any more insulation up intil I get wired.much to do will up date often

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