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Our Tiny House Cost Breakdown

Our tiny house complete for 26 thousand dollars
Our (almost finished) tiny house cost us around $25,000

Before starting Lucy I really wanted to see a tiny house cost breakdown. I wanted reassurance that building her would be worthwhile. I was thinking purely along the lines of saving money.

But I couldn't find much information regarding costs and I quickly tired of the research. So we just decided to jump in and start anyway. We picked a number out of thin air as our "budget" and aimed for that. It didn't take long to realise we were way off the mark. Cost's eventually ran to almost double our first guess.

But you know what?...

I would have paid heaps more for her and it still wouldn't have mattered. It's hard to put a price on owning your own house.

And I actually mean owning, not "borrowed money owning". You see, we paid for her as we went along. It wasn't like we had to cough up all the money on day 1. Building takes time which means bill's come in over time too. It wasn't even too difficult to manage financially.

So, if you're a little concerned about what it will cost to build your tiny house, have no fear. You're not even going to care how much your tiny house cost you after you're nice and cosy living in it.

But if you still really want to know, here is the tiny house cost breakdown for our little Lucy. It's 95% ish accurate - sometime's I'm a little disorganized and lose receipts and stuff, but you get the picture.

All the costs are in New Zealand Dollars. If you're not from New Zealand, you probably will pay less for all of this stuff. Building materials and trailers are expensive here.

E-book (Tiny house design and construction guide)$32.83 We bought a few different plans and guides for educational purposes. Our final plan was a combination of bits and pieces from all of these.
Ebook (Tiny house floor plans)$15.67
Trailer and transport$7,800.00 See our page on our tiny house trailer for more info. The largest tiny house cost of all.
Truck hire + petrol$215.75 We used this to pick up second hand windows and doors from around the city
Demo depo windows$200.00
French door$122.00
Internal door$25.00
100 x 50's and coach bolts$952.00 This was the majority of our framing timber plus the bolts to bolt it to the trailer.
Underfloor insulationFree Found some of this under Shaye's sister's house.
plywood$810.24 For lining the inside of the building.
foil roll and drill bits $120.85 Foil for underfloor insulation. Drill bits for drilling through trailer.
Insulation (green stuff)$670.00 Ceiling insulation.
Roofing + cladding$3,390.00
100 x 50's$284.88 A bit more timber to finish off. I under estimated the first time around.
100 x 50's MSG10$90.00 And a bit more. The MSG10 is a stronger grade for the loft. Probably unneccesary.
Various Mitre 10 things$106.63 Can't remember what this was.
Flashing Materials$140.39 We bent this flashing ourselves at plumbing world to save costs.
More flashing$70.20
Head flashing, scribers, window facings$68.44
Nails + putty$67.95 Nails for weatherboards. Putty for windows.
Key cutting and transition flashing$55.50 Gotta have spare keys for your second hand doors!
Resene broadwall surface prep and seal$103.12 Thick goopy paint to fill the rough surface of the ply.
Stainless Steel Screws$50.00 For installing windows
More flashings$161.50 Never knew how many flashings go into a building.
Mitre 10 sample pot$4.98
Toilet seat$50.00
Middle earth tiles$244.95
Sika boom$17.76 Expanding window foam to stop moisture coming in.
Nails and weatherboard soakers$38.52
Window flashing tape$68.05
Packers, sikaboom, paint, window tape, paint stripper.$277.08 Packers for getting windows plumb.
paint, paint, pva, plaster of paris$303.75 Experimental stuff - trying out textured paint.
Stainless steel brad nails$256.00 Ouch!
Moving the trailer$180.00 See our video.
Squabs for lounge + ottoman$1,268.00
Cedar panelling$1,420.54 We used this stuff everywhere. Ceilings, window frames, door frames, sarking.
Laminate flooring$120.75 We got about 9 boxes free from a friend. The $ were for the final box to finish the floor.
Flooring underlay$49.98
Kitchen cabinets, corner seating and storage stairs. $2260
Weatherboards, Fascia, Scribers$605.51
Scribers + skirting + architraves + barge boards$316.28
Shower liner glue$36.71
Door latches$36.92
Electrician's work$1,207.23
More Electrician's work $661.25
Gas hot water$750.00
Gas CooktopWedding present At least one reason for getting married ;)
Total $26634.04

Remember - Just jump in, it's totally worth it! :)