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Tiny House Plans Suitable For a Family of 4!

On this page you'll see dozens of photos of a tiny house I designed suitable for a family of 3 or 4. It's my dream tiny house for a family! You'll also be able to buy the plans for this little home if you think it could be the design for you!

tiny house plans

Tom and I lived happily in Lucy for nearly two years. For a tiny house with 1 or 2 inhabitants, that design was wonderful - and I loved every moment. Once our little Hazel came along, sleep got a little less common and after 6 months of living in a Tiny House with a baby, it stopped working. Tom went loopy from lack of sleep (sorry Tom, but it's true!) - Hazel needed her own room. Thankfully our strawbale home was under construction so we just hung out for that. 

...But leaving the tiny trailer house journey there just didn't feel right. I knew that with a few design tweaks, a tiny house could work well for a small family of 3 or 4. My mind started working on tiny house plans in all my free time - I really wanted to see if a downstairs kids bedroom could fit comfortably into a tiny house on a trailer... Before long I had my design... I bit the bullet and decided to build a family friendly tiny house.

While under construction, her new owners found her. She was paid for with inheritance money from the client's grandmother (Doris Jean) - and that's how this tiny house got her name... A beautiful legacy to a much loved woman :)

Doris Jean turned out even better than I could have imagined - she feels spacious and glamorous - strangely enough, it doesn't feel like any space has been lost with the downstairs bedroom despite the house length only being 40cm longer than Lucy!


Doris Jean's Basic Measurements

tiny house floor plan

These tiny trailer house plans are based on the trailer we used for Doris Jean. The trailer measures 7.6m by 2.4m (24'11" by 7'10") giving a floor area of 18.24m2 (196sqft) and is rated to carry 3.5 tonnes. 

The design of Doris Jean was created by me (Shaye) but the framing and structural elements were drawn up by a qualified builder with over 10 years experience in the industry. These plans are what worked beautifully for us however we take no responsibility for anybody else's projects.

If you have any questions about the plans (whether you've purchased them or not) you can contact us here.



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Customize The Internal Space To Suit Your Life

These framing plans give you the structure for this tiny house... What you do once the framing is done is up to you. How would you customize the space in your tiny house? This is what we have done and you could do the same...

Have Your Friends Around in a Lounge That Can Seat 8+

The spacious corner couch sits 6 comfortably and simply push the ottoman to the side and use it as extra seating for two! (...and if there are any additional guests, the stairs always make a comfy spot to rest for a while!)

tiny house for a family


Add Functionality With a Back and a Front Door

Having 2 doors to access your tiny house makes total sense for many reasons. Firstly, it gives your tiny house flexibility - if you don't know where you're going to park it, having access on two sides makes almost any location workable. On top of that - it's handy to have a back door to take out the rubbish, recycling, etc :)

Doris Jean is located on a cliff top above the spectacular Piha Beach. From your parking spot you walk down a winding path to the little red door. Open that and breathtaking views across the living room and out through the front French doors await you. It's just perfect!

tiny house plans

tiny house plans for sale

...And yes, Doris Jean is built on a trailer - it has just been very well hidden!


Keep Your Tiny House Tidy With Ample Storage Space

Built-in multi-purpose storage will help to keep your tiny house neat and tidy. From bookshelf-balustrades, storage stairs, corner couches with drawers and opening ottomans - Doris Jean is packed full of cool storage ideas. On top of that, the downstairs bedroom is long enough (2.2 meters) to have a single bed plus a full wall of storage cupboards, if that's how you decided to use the space.

Additionally, there is a small storage loft to keep those items you don't use often but just can't say goodbye to :)

tiny house storage


tiny house living room tiny house storage stairs


tiny house storage


Add Some Glamour into Your Life With a Sexy Little Kitchen (Complete with a pull out butchers block for extra space)

tiny house kitchen tiny house kitchen

tiny house kitchen tiny house storage

Large Windows and a French Door Keep the House Bright and Cheerful

Bringing lots of natural light into Doris Jean by using large windows and a French door makes her feel more spacious than any other tiny house I've been in. You can see from each and every photo of this beautiful little home that this is a light, airy and cheerful tiny house. I just love her - and I'm sure you will too.


High Ceilings Make The Tiny House Feel Grand!

Lots of tiny house designs have the roof pitch starting from a few inches above the loft. In both Lucy and Doris Jean, we bumped up this measurement to make the...

  1. Loft bedroom more spacious
  2. Entire house feel a lot larger.

This extra vertical space makes a HUGE difference. I've been in tiny houses that haven't done this and they feel much, much smaller. I've had people comment in the past that Doris Jean feels larger than their full sized house for this reason alone. It just feels grand!

tiny house plans tiny house plans


Make Babies in Your Cozy Sleeping Loft ;)

The sleeping loft in Doris Jean is more than large enough to sit up in bed and read a book. It's also big enough to make more babies to fill that downstairs bedroom ;) Both important things to consider when choosing a design for your home!

tiny house sleeping loft


Get The Space You Need by Giving the Kids Their Own Bedroom

I personally find it quite hard to switch out of parenting mode until Hazel is in bed and her bedroom door is closed (please don't judge me if you're not into that!) Once she's asleep in her own room, I can make myself a cup of tea, put on some music and have my own time. This is when I recharge and it's super important for me to get this space. Before becoming a parent I didn't realize how important this would be for me - so if you're considering starting a family while you're living in a tiny house - having a downstairs bedroom is a safe way to future proof your home :)


Stretch Out in Your Full Sized Shower

Living in a tiny house doesn't need to mean compromising the most important things in life... Like a good shower! The bathroom in Doris Jean is small but functional - big enough for a full sized shower, a handbasin and a toilet.

tiny house bathroom tiny house bathroom



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What Are You Getting When You Buy Our Tiny House Plans?

If you purchase these tiny house framing plans we'll show you both 2D and 3D pictures for the framing of the entire tiny trailer house. This includes the North, South, East and West walls, Roof, sleeping loft, storage loft, bedroom and bathroom walls. Also included is the Google Sketchup file for Doris Jean so that you can play around and make any modifications you might want to make. The plans are provided in metric units. (If you would like the plans in imperial units just send us a message after your purchase and we can send them through to you).

You'll also receive the 3D models and measurements for the storage stairs, corner storage couch and kitchen cabinets.

Here's a selection of pages included in Doris Jeans plans to give you an example of how we've done the drawings...

tiny house plans framing


tiny house framing plans

tiny house furniture plan

tiny house plans

If you have any questions about the plans (whether you've purchased them or not) you can contact us here.


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