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Our Tiny House Trailer Manufacturer, New Zealand

When I ordered our tiny house trailer I was nervous. I'd found this guy David Binyon who built trailers - and he said he could build one perfect for a tiny house. Neither Tom or I had much know-how on trailers but David seemed like a really honest guy and so we decided to put our trust in him and just go with it. It was a bit of a gamble - but it paid off. David did a pretty much perfect job of our trailer. Tom - who graduated as an engineer with honours, and is very particular about this sort of thing - was impressed. To read more about our trailer selection journey, click here.

Since we built our first tiny house, we've ordered another trailer from David. He's also refined his design to make tiny house building even easier! He now offers trailers built with a completely flat deck which means no awkward framing for those pesky wheel wells! This is a huge added bonus. The height of the trailers is still the same though, so you don't have to cut down on the ceiling height of your tiny house. It's a win-win and I'm so excited to see our next tiny house project taking shape. (This next tiny house will be up for sale).

So anyway, what I'm basically saying is that David does a great job and if you live in New Zealand I'd suggest getting in touch with him regarding your tiny house trailer. I'm recommending him here on our website with no perks (he isn't paying for an advert or referral!) just because we were happy with his work and we get asked for his details all the time.


What do Tiny House Trailers Cost?

To give you an indication of his prices, the trailer we have just ordered is $10,900 and it is 2.4 meters wide x 7.6 meters long. It comes with a remote operated electric braking system, is fully galvanised, already insulated with polystyrene and has a 3 year W.O.F and 1 year Rego. I havn't found a better deal anywhere else yet. I also can't emphasise enough how important it is to get a good solid trailer for your tiny house. This is one part of the build where you don't want to skimp.

Below are some of the pictures of trailers David has manufactured. I'll put photos of our gorgeous new flat deck trailer up once it arrives e-x-c-i-t-i-n-g!!!! :)

tiny house trailer nz

tiny house trailer nz

tiny house trailer nz

tiny house trailer nz

...and just for fun - here's a video of our tiny house being moved - you'll see how beautifully it tows...

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