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Tiny House Trailers New Zealand

It can be quite mind boggling trying to find a trailer for your tiny house. It's hard to know what to ask for - and even harder to know who to ask! We've built two tiny houses now and I'm gearing to build number 3 and 4 shortly. With each project we feel improvements have been made to the trailer design, the design we're currently using is a flat deck trailer with holes pre-drilled for the attachment of the tiny house.

We've also come up with a deal with the trailer manufacturers... If we order trailers from them in bulk, we get them for discounted prices and we can pass savings on to you. We need to order 5 trailers at a time so if you are interested, you need to email me and you will go on the list. As soon as 5 people need trailers, they will be ordered and construction will begin shortly. Normally the whole process takes around 3 months from placing your enquiry to receiving your trailer.

  • Size: 2.4 meters wide by 7.2 or 7.6 meters long (both lengths are the same cost in a bulk order
  • Galvanized for longevity and protection against rust
  • Electric braking system for safer travel
  • Pre Drilled holes in the trailer frame for the attachment points of your tiny house
  • 3500 GVM
  • 3 year Warrant of Fitness
  • 1 year registration
  • 10 year warranty
  • Collection from Tauranga

Price: $10,800

Payment terms are 50% deposit upon ordering and the final 50% upon completion. Ordering would take place once 5 tiny house owners were read to go ahead with their order. You would pay directly to the manufacturers.

If you are interested in getting your Tiny House underway by ordering a trailer - please email us (Shaye and Tom) with your interest below...


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